Best Electric Kettle Under $20

Start your mornings with some hot water that keep you healthy and energetic all day. To boil water on a stove is an old school method. Welcome to the world of Electric kettles. We have compiled a list of high-quality electric kettles that will help you heat water quickly.

Moreover, the kettles are smartly designed and manufactured; they will retain all the valuable minerals of water to keep you fresh from dawn till dusk. Want to simmer other liquids in the kettle? You can also boil coffee, hot chocolate, sauce, and other beverages in kettles. Hungry? Quickly cook noodles in the electric water boiler.

Apart from its features like stainless steel and plastic interior, one of the glaring qualities of the kettles is that they are available at low cost. All the kettles selected are below $20. Now take a look at the best electric kettles.

Best Electric Kettle Under $20

1. Ovente Glass Electric Kettle

Ovente Glass Electric Kettle

Ovente presents a 1.5L glass electric kettle that quickly boils water for your green tea, coffee, and noodles or to clean baby bottles. When the kettle begins to boil water, it will flash a blue LED light indicating the status of the kettle. Once the water is boiled, the light will turn off. At the end of the day, you can easily clean the filter to remove limescale deposits.


  • Colorful range.
  • Automatic shut-off button.
  • Stylish looks.
  • Borosilicate glass construction.
  • Concealed water heating element.


  • A user needs a cool-touch handle to be safe from burns.
  • The body of the kettle turns extremely hot.

Price: $19.99
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2. Ovente Electric Water Boiler

Ovente Electric Water Boiler

Another water boiler from Ovente. This one is, however, eco-friendly and boasts more capacity to boil water. The stainless steel interior helps you boil water quickly and save energy. The 1100-watts powerful electric kettle can boil 1.7L water at a time. One feature I want to highlight here is washable filter; you can easily remove that spout filter and clean it under tap water. This provides you fresh water every morning day after day.


  • BPA-free plastic material.
  • LED-indicator.
  • Attractive colors.
  • Easy to clean; use a damp cloth to wipe.


  • Beware of leaks.
  • May smell after prolong use.

Price: $13.99
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3. Proctor Silex Cheap Electric Kettles

Proctor Silex Cheap Electric Kettles

Proctor Silex brings a killer design in this cheap electric kettle. It boils water faster than your microwave. At the same time, this kettle is safer than the traditional stovetop. You can take this water boiler to your office as well; its comfortable design will not occupy much space on your workstation. When there is no water inside the kettle, it shuts down automatically.


  • The cord is detachable so that you can pour water easily.
  • Once water is boiled, it will shut down automatically.
  • Its efficiency is tested by the manufacturers (each kettle passes through 10000 test cycles).


  • 1000-watts capacity (unlike others, which boast 1100 watts).
  • Stainless steel interior is not available.
  • An absence of glass sides with illumination.

Price: $14.99
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4. Bodum Electric Water Kettle

 Bodum Electric Water Kettle

Bodum’s electric water kettle is available in four vibrant colors: black, white, green, and red. Among the four, black stands apart with its mesmerizing luster. There is one more reason to select black water kettle; you must check the measurements and cup servings (which is a brilliant feature). All the measurements will clearly stand out, and you can easily watch them even from a distance. For your convenience, Bodum has translated the measurements into cup servings.


  • Manual switch to turn on and turn off.
  • A LED light that indicates power.
  • Scale filter to prevent impurities.
  • Push button to open the lid.


  • May send out burning smell after a few months of occasional use.
  • Can be broken after a couple of weeks.

Price: $18.00
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5. Stariver Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Stariver Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Stariver brings a 2-liter capacity stainless steel electric kettle that is user-friendly. Young members of your family can use this kettle as it has humanized design that is suitable for home and office use. The entire kettle is made of 100% stainless steel; the body including spout and lid is made of stainless steel. When not in use, coil the cord around storage cord saver.


  • Waterproof control.
  • Handle stays cool always.
  • 2 liters water capacity.
  • Fast boiling.


  • Limited color options.
  • 2.8 pounds can make it difficult to carry.

Price: $17.96
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6. Stariver Electric Tea Kettle

Stariver Electric Tea Kettle

Stariver brings another electric tea kettle that has cordless design and boils water and other liquids fast. The lid, interior, and spout are made of stainless steel. You can easily use it’s on/off switch to open and close the lid. One of the striking features of this tea kettle is that it doesn’t rust and prevents contact between plastic and water.


  • Stariver has made its handle with a non-slip cool-touch material.
  • It saves your time with its quick heat-up time.
  • Provides better safety with auto shut-off and boil-dry protection.
  • High-quality stainless steel interior and exterior.


  • Emanates nasty smell.
  • Gives unpleasant taste after a couple of weeks of use.

Price: $16.99
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7. Ovente Cordless Electric Kettle

Ovente Cordless Electric Kettle

Our fast-paced life doesn’t allow us to stop and check our smart gadgets. Perhaps this is the reason Ovente’s cordless electric kettle comes with boil-dry protection. When it senses that there is no water inside the kettle, it stops working and shuts off automatically. This technology ensures that your kettle is safe even if young family members in your household use it.


  • Remove the spout and clean it easily.
  • 85% more efficient than stovetop.
  • Doesn’t accumulate objectionable mineral deposits.
  • Simple and safe to use.


  • Stainless steel material makes it hefty.
  • Builds up brown rust.

Price: $19.97
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8. Stariver Electric Coffee Kettle

Stariver Electric Coffee Kettle

The gooseneck kettle design imparts a traditional look to this electric coffee kettle from Stariver. However, this also provides a classic appearance, which is adored by many discerning users of electric kettles. Moreover, this gooseneck spout ensures that the content is not spilled over your desk or kitchen platform. However, this gooseneck creates a stumbling block when you wish to pack this kettle into a box.


  • Rustproof and prevents contact between plastic and water.
  • Made of 100% stainless steel.
  • 360-degree swivel cordless connector.
  • Gooseneck spout provides an accurate flow of liquid contents.


  • Difficult to pack with gooseneck spout.
  • Doesn’t offer a modern design.

Price: $18.88
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9. Suppliers Best Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle

Suppliers Best Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle

Invite your close friends for a tea party and quickly prepare 8 cups of tea with the help of Suppliers Best stainless steel electric tea kettle. Apart from tea, you can also surprise your guests with a cold brew, coffee, espresso, and more. Its 1.8Liter huge capacity ensures that your guests are satisfied with quality and quantity.


  • Quickly and quietly heats up water and other liquids.
  • Shuts down automatically.
  • Dry boil protection.


  • No base plate.
  • Rust spots after a couple of days.

Price: $17.99
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10. Proctor Silex Cordless Electric Kettle

Proctor Silex Cordless Electric Kettle

This jumbo electric kettle is one of the best electric kettles under $20. You can quickly boil water for your early evening high tea for approximately 8 persons, thanks to its 1500-watt heating element. When the water reaches boiling point, the kettle shuts down automatically. If you are using your microwave to boil water and other liquids, you have got the fitting answer to your microwave, which consumes more electricity than this electric kettle.


  • Boils water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other beverages rapidly.
  • 1500-watt heating element.
  • Dual water windows.
  • Robustly built.


  • May lose auto turn-off ability after some time.
  • Jumbo size makes it difficult to transport.

Price: $17.69
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The best electric kettle can easily replace a stop to (if you are using that product just to boil water and make tea & other beverages. One of the important features of an electric kettle is that it doesn’t spill the contents; there are all possibilities that the liquid flows over the edge of any container you have placed on the stovetop. Which feature do you like the most of electric kettles listed above?


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