Budget Laptops for Video Editing under $500

[We’ve updated this list to reflect the best laptops for video editing of 2021. For this year, the prices of laptops –even the ones we previously listed –have gone up considerably. Still, we’ve found the most budget-friendly video editing laptops under $500 for you.] Video editing can require a whole lot of processing power and

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Why the Internet Should Be Your Business’s Marketing Best Friend

The best time to build an online presence for your business was a decade ago. Don’t worry, though, if you just woke up from a long nap. You’ll still benefit from making the internet your go-to marketing channel. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy: It Widens Your Business Reach Through a Website

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Your Online Business Checklist: Things To Remember for Your Success

With the rising number of online businesses, you need to innovate your strategies to ensure success. In the online realm, you should find better ways to promote your brand. Today, many online businesses fail due to a lack of preparation. If you’re thinking of starting your own business online, here are some of the few

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5 Things Your Small Business Cannot Survive Without

There are a lot of things required to run a business. Almost all of them are essential to every operation, which means that you will have a difficult time running your company without them. However, some of the things you need will play a more vital role in the growth of your business over others.

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Easing Yourself into Online Shopping

A lot of people are having a blissful time shopping for their favorite items online. These are then going to be delivered to their homes, and all it has taken is just a few clicks. We are truly at an age where the phrase “on demand” is very apparent. Of course, wise shoppers always look


Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $50

When it comes to gaming or just straight-up typing, nothing beats a mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard has been around since the advent of personal computers and has withstood the tests of time, membrane keyboards, and even those cool-looking-but-ultimately-pretty-disappointing projection keyboards. It’s simple: mechanical keyboards just have a superior touch-feel. It helps people type faster,

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GoPro Selfie Sticks Under $50

When it was first introduced, selfie sticks were frowned upon by a lot of people, seeing it as the culmination of the inherent narcissism that social media brings out of us. Those people were pretentious and wrong. Of course, within just a couple of years, everyone had a selfie stick, and why wouldn’t they: it

tv wall mount

These Are The Best LCD/LED/OLED TV Mount Bracket Under $50

So you’ve got your man cave set up: you have the best La-Z boy chairs in the market, the best soundbar, and a bitchin’ TV, now all you need is a wall bracket so you can hang that bad boy up like a renaissance painting. Simple, right? Eh, not quite. You see, TV mounts can

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Best Vlogging Cameras Under $100

In the digital age, it’s no exaggeration to say that vloggers, youtubers, and other social media creators are now supplanting traditional celebrities, TV show personalities, and talk show hosts. Pretty much anyone with a camera, basic editing skills, and a slew of opinions on any topic can become a trending vlogger online. Of course, having

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Best VR Headsets Under $100 In The Market

With social media sites, video games, and other entities in the tech industry starting to incorporate VR and AR into their interface, it’s high time that we all got on the VR headset trend. There’s just one problem, though: most of the big name brands like Freefly, Zeiss One, Homido, or Durovis Dive are way


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