So you’ve got your man cave set up: you have the best La-Z boy chairs in the market, the best soundbar, and a bitchin’ TV, now all you need is a wall bracket so you can hang that bad boy up like a renaissance painting. Simple, right?

Eh, not quite. You see, TV mounts can be vary depending on the brand, make, model, and even year of release of your TV, not to mention the kind of material the wall you’ll be hanging it from is made of, as well as the equipment you’ll need to install it. There’s actually a lot to consider when getting a TV mount bracket, least of all the price: top-of-the-line brackets can be in the $100 region and up.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: we took a look at some of the best LCD/LED/OLED TV mount brackets under $50 so you don’t have to. We considered everything from size, shape, the types of TV it can hold, even the materials the brackets are made of, so we hope you appreciate it!

Here is our list of the best TV mount brackets under $50.

AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty TV Wall Mount

First on the list is a wall mount from tech giant Amazon from their AmazonBasics line of products. Simply called AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty TV Wall Mount, it does what it advertises: provides a solid, sturdy, and reliable mount for 22-55” flat-panel TV’s with a VESA 400mm mounting pattern. It can stretch out all the way to 16.3 inches and folds up to 2.6.

The AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Wall Mount has 180 degrees of swivel in both left and right directions, as well as an adjustable tilt to help you find the best angle for your TV. The heavy-duty name isn’t just marketing: the mount frame is made from heavy-duty aluminum and powder-coated steel to ensure high-quality strength and long-lasting performance.

From the box, the wall mount comes with a cable-management system that helps owners streamline cords, making their whole setup sleek, discreet, and have wires safely bunched together.

Price: $29.99

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VideoSecu MW340B2 TV Wall Mount

Sleek and low-profile, the VideoSecu MW340B2 TV Wall Mount Bracket is fitted for 32-65” LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TVs. It has Full Motion Tilt Swivel Articulating Dual Arms that extend up to 14″, supports TV’s that weigh up to 100lbs, and supports up to VESA 400x400mm. It has a flat depth of only 2.3”, which makes it very discrete and not distracting at all.

The VideoSecu MW340B2 swivels and tilts to give you the option of viewing your TV from most angles and is designed for wall stud mounts. It has a diverse mounting hole pattern that goes from 100x100mm all the way up to 400x400mm.

Pretty stylish for a TV mount, although aside from keeping your TV on the wall, it doesn’t offer much else. Still, it makes our list of best LCD/LED/OLED TV mount brackets under $50 because it does what it says on the tin: it’s a high-quality mount that’s well-within most homeowner’s budgets.

Price: $31.99

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Everstone TV Wall Mount

When it comes to durability, Everstone TV Wall Mounts are the go-to for most people. Fitted for Most 23″-65″ TVs, the Everstone TV Wall Mount can support up to 88lbs and is designed specifically for concrete wall or 16” stud installation. It’s made of high-grade, cold-rolled steel that provides maximum durability and safer loading. The Dual Articulating Arm has a motion tilt swivel bracket that extends up to 14” and folds down to 2.7”.

It mounts your TV with six arms, and has a 15°Tilt and 180° Swivel so you can position your TV any way you like. It has 400x400mm mounting holes and a ±3° Post-installation level adjustment to help you keep your TV level after installation.

It’s on our list of the best LCD/LED/OLED TV Mounting Brackets under $50 because it’s one of the sturdiest mounts amongst its price-range peers. It’s also perfect for flat-screen plasma TV’s and curved TV’s, something that can be challenging for other mounts.

Price: $31.99

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Cheetah Mounts TV Wall Mount

In the world of Wall Mounts, Cheetah Mounts has made a name for itself for creating high-quality, durable, and reliable mount brackets for LCD/LED/OLED and Plasma TV’s, and with their APDAM3B Wall Mount, they live up to their reputation.

The APDAM3B Wall Mount comes with dual articulating arms and is custom-fit for 20-65” TV’s up to VESA 400. It can support up to 115lbs and is mounted by two 16” studs. The VESA hole patterns in the back support 50x50mm to 400x400mm. The articulating arm itself can stretch up to 14” and can be folded down to 2.7”. The mount can tilt 10° and swivel up to 130°. The slots in the TV plate also allows for 3° of rotation adjustment to help you level the display after you install it.

One of the best parts about the Cheetah Mount APDAM3B is that it’s a full set: aside from the mount itself, the box comes with a 10’ Twisted Veins HDMI Cable that’s capable of 4K 60HZ 3D signal support and a protective braided jacket. It also comes with a 6” 3-axis magnetic bubble level.

The Cheetah Mount APDAM3B is an all-in-one set that includes a great mount with all the hardware you need for installation and fully deserves its place in our list of the best LED/LCD/OLED TV Mount Brackets Under $50.

Price: $33.96

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Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount

Of all the brackets on this list, this is our personal favorite: Mounting Dream’s MD2380 TV Wall Mount Bracket is designed specifically to fit most modern TV’s, whether it’s LED, LCD, OLED, or Plasma Flat. It’s optimized for TV’s with a 26” to 55” screen. With its Full Motion Swivel Articulating Dual Arms, the MD2380 can support up to 99lbs and fulfills most VESA standards.

The mounting holes of the MD2380 are pretty versatile; they can be opened to as wide as 16”x16”, or as tight as 3”x3”. The articulating arms can retract up to 3” to the wall so you can save as much space as possible, and it can be stretched out to 15.2” from the wall to give you a closer look at what you’re watching.

The MD2380 is extremely versatile, with a +5°/-15° Tilt, +/-45°Swivel and +/-3° rotation so you can rotate and view your TV from as many angles as possible. The swivels themselves are very well-made, allowing for smooth adjustments in any direction. It’s made from heavy-duty steel materials and finished with a durable powder coat, giving the entire frame a sturdy and reliable feel.

To help you install it, Mounting Dream ships the MD2380 with hardware like a bubble level and a 6’ HDMI cable for wall and TV mounting, although this doesn’t include concrete anchors. It  has holes for 3D, Ethernet, 1440P and Audio Return conforming to latest HDMI 1.4 Standard.

With the amount of benefits this mount gives, you can see why we think this is the best LCD/LED/OLED TV mount bracket under $50 that you can get in the market today.

Price: $39.99

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