Best Vlogging Cameras Under $100

The vlogging is here to stay, and many of the users are now living their lives as vloggers. With each video they made, they showcase their talent also earn money of affiliates and advertisements. Nowadays people tend to enjoy their stardom as well with using this kind of opportunity, but for that, they need an excellent vlogging camera because this is the primary thing that vloggers need the most.

For that reason, we have created a list of the best vlogging camera under $100. However, finding the best vlogging camera, it isn’t that easy because there are plenty of the great cameras for vlogging. Over here we have made efforts to pick, test, and suggest a few of cameras which are perfect for any vloggers. Let’s take a look at the list and pick the best you think is perfect for you.

Best Vlogging Cameras Under $100

1. SUNLEA Digital Vlogging Camera

SUNLEA Digital Vlogging Camera

The very first vlogging camera comes from the SUNLEA that offers excellent value for money to the vloggers. This SUNLEA Digital Vlogging Camera Under $100 that comes with the wrist strap and neck strap which makes it most reliable and durable partner to shoot footage. The camera supports full HD 1080p video resolution along with the 24.0-megapixel picture quality. With the crisp picture quality, it gives a detailed picture. The view screen can flip up to 180-degrees, and still, the design keeps the camera compact.


  • The camera has anti-shake functional.
  • It has 3-inch full frame viewscreen 960 * 480 HD resolution which can flip.
  • The brand offers one year of warranty.
  • The brand provides customer service within 24 hours of purchase.
  • It has a built-in speaker and Mic as well.


  • The audio quality is terrible.
  • The battery life isn’t that good at all.
  • The picture quality is neither sharp nor crisp.

Price: $99.99
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2. YISENCE Full HD Vlogging Camera

YISENCE Full HD Vlogging Camera

The brand YISENCE offers digital camera camcorder with full HD digital video quality. This Full HD Vlogging Camera Under $100 comes with a flip screen that can flip up to 180-degrees. The screen makes adjustments easily like exposure, white balance, ISO, sharpness, date, timestamp, and more. It has a retractable flashlight, and it is good for a person who wants to start his/her journey as a vlogger. It has a sturdy design which makes the plan admirable. It is even resistant to UV rays with 52mm of UV lens. The brand offers one year of guarantee and warranty.


  • It comes with anti-shake on/off electronic mode stabilizer.
  • It comes with Micro USB 2.0 for USB port for charging and data syncing as well.
  • There is three level of brightness adjustment.
  • It comes with rechargeable lithium ion battery with 800mAh capacity.
  • There are built-in Microphone and speaker as well.
  • It supports face detect and beautiful face as well.


  • The picture quality is inferior.
  • The sound is too low and horrible as well.
  • This is just a primary camera.

Price: $99.69
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3. COMI Vlog Camera with Flip Screen and Flash Light

COMI Vlog Camera with Flip Screen and Flash Light

The COMI brand offers one of the excellent vlogging cameras that comes with the flip viewing screen. This Vlog Camera with Flip Screen and Flash Light makes vloggers’ work easy. The display can rotate up to 180-degrees while allowing you to take photos or record videos and even can easily take selfies. The camera camcorder is a right combination of digital camera and video camcorder. The camera supports full HD 1080p resolution at 15fps. The camera has anti-shake function and also comes with a 52mm of UV lens that protects the delicate aperture and makes sunny photos clear.


  • The brand offers 12-months of warranty.
  • It makes easy transferring of videos or images to the files to the Windows or Mac with ease.
  • It supports HD resolution.
  • It also has some white balance.
  • It also comes USB cable in a package.


  • The quality is terrible.
  • The picture quality is also not that crisp.

Price: $99.99
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4. LINNSE Vlogging Camcorder Digital Camera

LINNSE Vlogging Camcorder Digital Camera

The brand LINNSE offers an excellent Vlogging Camcorder Digital Camera with the full HD 1080p video resolution and 24.0-megapixel picture resolution. The camera supports night vision function with the two pieces of IR light. There is a pause function that you take advantage of it to pause your recorded video. There is also an 18X digital zoom that makes the picture even more excellent and clear. The brand offers one year of warranty. There is also 24 hours of customer service.


  • The brand offers full HD digital camera.
  • It gives good night vision as well as 18X digital zoom.
  • It provides JPEG, FHD, 3M, 5M and more.
  • It supports many different languages.
  • The Li-ion battery endorses the longer use of it.


  • It takes around an hour for a full charge.
  • The HD videos sometimes offer blurry image.

Price: $69.99
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5. COMI 24MP Digital Camera for Vlogging

COMI 24MP Digital Camera for Vlogging

The brand COMI offers impressive camcorder video camera. The 24MP Digital Camera for Vlogging Under $100 supports a microphone and LED light input. It also has a standard 3.5mm jack to connect to the wireless or wired microphone input. The camera supports night vision with the strong built-in IR lights to help you take pictures and videos in black-white. The 1000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery offers good choice with this video camera. It also has HDMI HD output to support iOS devices as well. It comes with one year of warranty and also offers 24 hours of customer service.


  • There is three-inch LCD screen that can rotate up to 270-degrees.
  • There is also a remote control that can use to take group photos.
  • It also supports secure connecting LED compensation light.
  • It supports face detection and smile capture.
  • The comfortable pouch is carrying offers and protecting the camcorder.


  • It feels little bulky.
  • The picture quality isn’t that good at all.

Price: $79.99
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6. Besteker Vlogging Camcorders with External Microphone and Remote Control

Besteker Vlogging Camcorders with External Microphone and Remote Control

Here is our last pick from the brand Besteker that offers another camcorder. This Vlogging Camcorders with External Microphone and Remote Control in which with the external microphone can easily pick up sound more clearly. The audio offers a high-quality, and low noise with a professional shotgun microphone. You can also pause while shooting to halt the recording of a long video. It supports real-time broadcasting that helps you share your life with family or friends all around the world in real-time. The camera offers FHD quality camera.


  • The brand offers camcorder bag, USB cable, HDMI cable, and charger.
  • There is also microphone included in a package.
  • The brand provides 12-months warranty and friendly customer service.
  • It also supports 1080p video resolution.
  • You can also use a tripod to have hands-free video shooting and picture capturing.


  • The 1080p is choppy.
  • It isn’t that good at still shots.
  • It is also not good at zooming in tight.

Price: $8.99
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So have you check out the list or not year? Well, if you didn’t check out the list of the vlogging camera under $100, then you must check it out and make your vlogging more useful with any of the vlogging cameras for you. And if you have to go through the list then tell us about your pick here in the comments section.


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