In the digital age, it’s no exaggeration to say that vloggers, youtubers, and other social media creators are now supplanting traditional celebrities, TV show personalities, and talk show hosts. Pretty much anyone with a camera, basic editing skills, and a slew of opinions on any topic can become a trending vlogger online.

Of course, having great production value in your videos makes your climb to the top of the trending list so much easier. One of the great things about the digital age is that video editing knowledge can be Googled, and fancy equipment, while great, can be unnecessary. In fact, some of the best vlogging cameras are available for under $100, making it a cost-effective investment once you become a YouTube superstar.

But while a nice camera might get you great video quality, don’t expect much else: by focusing on image quality, many of the products on this list sacrifice premium features. Although, again, those might be unnecessary anyway.

So without further ado, here is our list of some of the best vlogging cameras under $100 in the market today.

Ivation 20MP Underwater Shockproof Digital Camera

While relatively less known than popular brands like Sony, Canon, or Nikon, Ivation is slowly building a reputation for itself for being reliable, delivering great image quality, and for its great durability. The Ivation 20MP Underwater Shockproof Digital Camera does what it says on the tin: it’s shockproof, built to survive dunks underwater, and is great for vloggers who like to shoot outdoors or in rugged conditions.

Compact, thin, and portable, the Ivation 20MP is practically designed for easy handling. With its waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof casing, this means you can lug this thing around without worrying about breaking it. Speaking of waterproof, it can handle up to 10 feet under the water, although we didn’t test it beyond 5. However, in the depths we took it to, it worked perfectly and without a hitch.

It takes 20megapixel photos, with video recording capable of capturing 640×480 VGA resolutions, rivaling many ‘premium’ cameras that are way above this price range. It also comes with a 4x zoom, which, combined with its shockproof quality, makes it great for active shoots like extreme sports or rugged traveling.

Powered by two triple-A batteries, keeping the Ivation 20MP charged and ready to go is a matter of bringing extra battery packs. Of course, this is also its downside: once you run out of triple-A’s, or you’re stuck in a spot where the nearest convenience store is hundreds of miles away, it’s a wrap.

But if you’re just using it at home or in your neighborhood, this shouldn’t be a problem. It also comes with a front-facing 1.8inch display that helps you take the perfect selfie. To save all your shots, the camera has a microSD card slot that can hold up to 32GBs of data.

It runs of two AAA batteries. There is also a front facing 1.8 inches display that enables you to capture perfect selfies. This camera is also very good as it accepts microSD card up to 32 GB in space. The Ivation 20MP ticks a lot of the boxes for best vlogging camera under $100: it has a $49 price tag, takes great videos and photos, and is designed for rugged shoots. The battery situation, however, does drag it down a bit, but it shouldn’t be a problem for home-based vloggers.

Price: $49.99

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Nikon Coolpix A10

Known for having easy-to-handle, beginner-friendly cameras, the Nikon Coolpix A10 is perfect for vloggers looking for an affordable, easy-to-use, and no-frills camera under $100. At just a little over 50 bucks, it’s one of the most affordable models we can get from Nikon that doesn’t sacrifice filming capabilities and image quality.

First things first, let’s talk about its less-than-impressive 16.1MP sensor. Yes, it’s a little lower than most vlogging cameras out there, and it’s especially lower than most Coolpix models. However, bear in mind that the standard resolution for most vlogs is 720p anyway, which the A10 can more than pull off with its 16.1MP sensor.

Of course, this means that it does lose out on photo quality when compared to more ‘premium’ Nikon models like the L32. However, these losses are fairly negligible, especially when it comes to the videos. Despite being a ‘budget’ model, the A10 still carries a NIKKOR glass lens that allows for 5x optical zoom with far-off focus, which makes it perfect for outdoor shoots.

The Coolpix A10 more than makes up for its resolution downsides with above average programming, with the basic A10 model equipped with 15 various kinds of scene modes. It also has an auto-selection feature for its scene modes, just in case you’re too lazy to go through them all!

Much like its other Coolpix brethren, the A10 also comes equipped with Electronic Vibration Reduction, basically a highfalutin word for image stabilizer. This EVR works for both photos and videos, reducing blurs from your vlogs.

The Nikon Coolpix A10 is on the list for best vlogging cameras under 100 because of its ability to overcome its shortcomings with respectable capabilities, a decent battery life, and the option to choose scenes, as well as its above-average NIKKOR lens.

Price: $76.13

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Sunlea Digital Camera

Cameras that can take 1080p videos at 15fps are usually well above the 100USD mark, but the Sunlea digital camera does this easily, and more. Never heard of Sunlea before? Don’t worry, neither have we. However, don’t let the lack of a brand name fool you; it’s an affordable, high-performance camera that’s perfect for vlogging.

One of its best features is its flip screen display. The screen can be lifted up and rotated 180 degrees, or it can be folded down for easier storage, making it perfect for traveling vloggers who want to bring their camera around while they travel while still being able to check themselves out while they record.

The Sunlea also has a specialized face detection system that automatically adjusts the white balance when it encounters harsh lighting. This helps you maintain your subject’s color grading consistent throughout your video, making it look like you shot your video with an expensive camera, but not really.

The Sunlea Digital Camera has a fairly strong retractable flash, although dedicated lighting is still recommended. But if you’re in a pinch, its powerful light can make for a decent video still.

For a nice $69, you can get yourself a camera that shoots like a premium model, but without shelling out top dollar. One downside, however: the camera body feels cheap. We haven’t tested it for rugged conditions, but it doesn’t seem like it will hold up to a drop. Still, it makes the list of best vlogging cameras under 100 dollars because it’s versatile, shoots at 1080p, and is well within budget. Despite its less-than-stellar durability, the Sunlea is practically a steal.

Price: $99.99

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Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera

Topping of our list of best vlogging cameras under $100 comes from the heavyweight champ of cameras: the Sony DSCW800/B 20.1MP. It’s quite a mouthful, I know, but with its mighty 20.1MP sensor, along with a whole host of other features, you can forgive the long name and focus on its benefits instead.

Right off the bat, let’s talk about its 20.1MP Super HAD CCD Sensor. This thing can capture video with absolutely vibrant colors and crystal-clear detail. The HAD CCD sensor provides you with great contrast and unmatched clarity, more than what the other models on the list can give. This makes it perfect for any environment, whether it’s indoors, outdoors, on the road, or even in low-light conditions.

The built-in lens comes with variable zoom that ranges from 20mm wide angle to a 130mm zoomed in angles. This is great for vloggers who don’t want to switch cameras between talking head shots (which usually use a wide angle aspect) and dynamic shots for in-between scenes. For less than 100 bucks, the Sony DSCW800/B 20.1MP comes with an F3.2–F6.4 aperture. More than decent for a camera in its price range.

It’s ready to shoot with an extremely easy-to-use interface. Coupled with a simple stand, this camera can make for great wide angle shots so you can give your vlog a cinematic feel. 10/10 would recommend to anyone with $88 to spare.

Price: $88

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When All Else Fails…

…you can always use your phone camera. However, bear in mind: while most smartphones now come equipped with decent cameras, they still don’t compare to handhelds. Yes, you can definitely shoot an acceptable video with an iPhone X or a Samsung Galaxy 9, but remember that it’s the best shot videos that top the charts.

With our list of the best vlogging cameras under $100, I’m sure you can find a camera that fits your budget, will last you for a respectable amount of time and provide you with the video quality you need to be the next Jefree Star.