There are a lot of ways in which you could unintentionally and unknowingly be damaging your smartphone. It’s a good idea to visit a phone repair store if your smartphone shows signs of damage. They’ll also be able to provide additional suggestions for you to take better care of your device.

Installing Malware

You may think you have less to worry about when it comes to your smartphone’s security than your laptop’s. But your phone is at risk for malware if you download apps at random and without doing the necessary amount of research. Malware enters a phone through an app. This is why you need to be careful when downloading apps from third-party stores or from suspicious websites.

An infected app can damage and permanently affect the condition of your phone. Pay close attention to the apps you download and grant permissions to.

Plugging Phone

Your phone’s longevity will suffer from being left plugged and charging all night. It’s not a problem to leave your phone charging for a few hours, but there’s no benefit to charging your phone beyond its capacity. This only creates the risk of overheating and excess heat damaging your phone.

Overheating Phone

overheating phoneYour device can get too hot even when you’re not charging it. For instance, your phone could overheat with strong sunlight, as when you’re on the beach or next to a grill. There are situations when a phone can overheat and shut down once direct sunlight hits it, even when it’s in an air-conditioned room. Exposure to excessive amounts of heat can reduce a smartphone’s battery life.

Avoid this from happening by protecting your phone from direct sunlight. Consider turning it off if you have to leave it somewhere hot. Otherwise, ensure your phone is in an environment with a comfortable level of temperature.

Dropping Device

There are lots of cases available to protect your phone. They can range from providing protection against scratches or preventing major damage when a drop occurs. But if a drop does happen, cases may be unable to provide full protection for a phone. Your phone may not have a shattered screen or a dented corner, but the fall may have weakened the casing or damaged something internal. Accidents can’t be avoided but remember that repeated impact can damage your phone even if it has a case.

Turning Phone Off

It’s not a good idea to keep your phone running at all times of the day. Give it time to rest by shutting it down every so often. When your phone is always running, components will run through their life expectancy quickly. It’s a good idea to turn your phone off for a few hours when you’re taking a nap, at a concert, or watching a movie.

Filling Storage Space

Your smartphone can run out of space fairly quickly. Filling up your phone to its capacity won’t make your device explode, but it’ll still slow the performance of your phone. Your phone’s memory capacity can get overloaded and decrease expected battery life. Leaving some space allows your phone to maintain a specific level of performance and saves you the struggle of finding space when you want to download apps or include additional data.