If you thought drones were just for kids, you’re dead wrong. There are so many drones right now that have been created specifically for children. But don’t think that these are just simple machines; they’re actually really fun to play with without being overly complicated, not to mention some of them have an education element. Oh, and the best part? They’re drones, so when your kid gets tired of it, guess who gets to play with them!

But of course, finding the best drones for kids requires certain considerations: will they be flying it indoors or outdoors? How old is your child? Does your state require a license to fly drones? If you are using it outdoors, you’ll need to find a bigger, more powerful drone to withstand sudden gusts of wind. If it’s for indoor use, then something smaller is required.

You’ll also have to look for other features that your child might miss out on like altitude hold, auto landing and take-off, and gyroscopic stabilization, among other things. Sure, looking cool is one thing, but you want your kid to have the best drone possible.

You can also look for drones that are both fun AND educational: there are some drones out there that have a coding element to it, as well as stunt mechanics and even a multiplayer mode (which gives you an excuse to get yourself one too!).

Some of the best drones for kids available in the market today have on-board cameras that lets you live-stream what the drone sees as it flies, not to mention highly durable construction that makes your kids drone essentially crash-proof.

We’ve scoured the market for the best drones for kids, taking into consideration performance, stability, durability, and of course, how much fun it will be for both child and parent. Here’s some of the best drones for kids we’ve found in the market:

GoolRC Scorpion T36

Starting our list of the best drones for kids is the GoolRC Scorpion T36. Small, toy-like, and light-weight, the Scorpion T36 is the perfect entry-level drone for kids looking to play with a flying toy. It’s an ideal drone to help train your child for bigger, better drones, but as it stands, the Scorpion T6 is still very fun to play with, especially consider it’s ready-to-fly (RTF) right out of the box.

The manufacturers recommended operating age for this device is 14 years old, but because of its simple design and flying mechanics, we feel like you can give it to a younger child provided they play with it under adult supervision.

Price: $21.99

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Joygeek Mini Drone

Don’t let this miniature drone fool you; it’s one of the toughest UAV’s in the market today. Light-weight, portable, and extremely sturdy, the Joygeek Mini Drone pretty much crash-proof, perfect for kids who are still trying to master the art of hand-eye coordination.

But don’t worry about it being complicated; the Joygeek Mini Drone makes it easy on first-time pilots with its easy-to-use features like single-button landing, built-in stabilizer, and a positioning system that makes it easier to keep the drone steady while its in flight. It also low and high speed modes, so the learning curve can be adjusted depending on your child’s learning.

Once they’ve gotten used to the mechanics, the Joygeek Mini Drone can be used to perform 3D aerial stunts and flips, and its built-in LED lights make night-flying an exciting possibility.

Price: $26.99

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Hubsan Nano Q4 SE Quadcopter

Another drone for kids that’s best used indoors, the Hubsan Nano Q4 SE Quadcopter is even smaller than the Joygeek. The whole quadcopter can be stowed neatly into the controller itself, and its light-weight frame means your child can fly the drone indoors without causing any serious damage.

The SE Quadcopter features a 6-axis stabilization system that keeps the tiny drone steady while its in the air. If your child is feeling adventurous, the stabilization system will also help them perform aerial flips and rolls using the controller’s easy-to-use throttle controls.

But because it’s small, it does have a downside: flight time is limited to just 3 short minutes. But don’t worry, the Nano Q4 SE Quadcopter charges up in as little as 30 minutes, meaning your child won’t be bored for too long!

Price: $29.99

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Syma X5C1 Explorers Camera Drone

Slightly larger than the previous entries, the Syma X5C-1 Explorer is a great drone for kids looking to step up their UAV game. It’s a little chunkier than its other mini-drone brethren, but that only means you can use it for both indoor and outdoor fun.

The Syme X5C-1 Explorers comes equipped with a removable HD camera. This is perfect for kids who want to get into aerial photography or shooting videos. Or, it can just be a fun thing to play with!

The manufacturers recommended operating age for unsupervised flights in 14 years old, but again, with supervision, you can probably go down to at least 10 years old. It’s easy to set up, just stick on the propeller guards, plug some batteries into the remote, and you’re ready to fly.

Price: $41.99

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If you’re worried about the learning curve of flying a drone, then the UDI RC U27 is the one for your child. The U27 has the unique feature of providing pilots with 3 different learning modes to help them learn the ins and outs of drone flying easily.

Mode 1 provides the pilot with as much stability as possible, helping your kid learn all about balance and keeping the drone steady. Once they’ve mastered that, Mode 2 gives them a little more speed so they can learn how to fly around in a larger space. Mode 3 is for advanced pilots who want to do more with their drones, specifically aerial tricks, flips and all that jazz.

Price: $43.99

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Holy Stone HS177 Battle Drone

Holy Stone has built a reputation for producing great drones for beginners. The HS177 is no exception, but with an added bonus: multiplayer mode!

Let’s start off with the drone itself: it’s got all of your standard beginners drone systems like stabilization, altitude hold, and medium speeds among others. These are all there to help your child master the basics, and once they do, that’s where the real fun begins!

You see, it’s called a “battle drone” for a reason: the HS177 is equipped with an infrared laser that gets picked up by other HS177 drones. Get two of those in the air, and you can recreate your favorite aerial combat scenes in no time. Shoot an enemy drone 4 times and they are destroyed (well, not really, the drone goes into auto-land where it hovers downward slowly)!

The Holy Stone HS177 Battle Drone has a range of about 50 meters, so its perfect for outdoor flying. What’s more, it has 360-degrees of movement, making sure you get to dodge those enemy lasers more effectively.

Price: $59.99

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Air Hogs Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens Remote Control Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad

MILLENNIUM. FALCON. Do I need to say more? Really? Fine, here’s a quick rundown:

It has 200 feet of range, 360-degree movement, and its made of high-density foam to protect it from accidental crashes. It does have a limited battery life, but let me get back to the best part:

IT’S THE MILLENNIUM FALCON. Do I need to repeat myself?!

Price: $99.99

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