You probably spend the better part of your life being cared for by two of the most important persons in the world — your parents. They cater to your every need — feeding, clothing, bathing, educating and consoling you, among others — until you could stand on your own two feet. Even then, your parents were still there supporting you. But when they’re already old and grey, they’ll be the ones needing your help. This is the time you can show your gratitude to them by taking care of their every need.

Here are three things you can see to help your parents in their old age.

Medical needs

As they age, your parents will, of course, have various medical requirements, and you should make sure these are met. For example, whenever you can, take them to their regular medical check-ups. This way, you get a chance to talk to their physician regarding their health conditions and needs.

When it comes to their medical needs, be sure that they have all the medications and assistive devices, such as aids for visually impaired individuals. For good measure, you should remind them to take their medications regularly and use their assistive devices for their convenience and safety.

Home assistance

If they live in their own home, your ageing parents will surely benefit from any assistance they can get in managing their house. You can, for one, visit them at least every other weekend to help them clean the house. Mowing the lawn or weeding the garden will also go a long way in helping them maintain their home. If possible, you should cook a week’s worth of meals for them, so they’ll only have to reheat food during mealtimes. Cooking for them will also ensure that they’ll only eat healthy food. As doing the laundry may also prove to be too strenuous for them, you can take care of this chore, too.

Your regular visits to their home also mean you get to spend more time with them, a perfect opportunity to create more happy memories with them.

Financial support

In their old age, your parents may sometimes need financial help even if they do have their source of income from pensions or investments. If they wouldn’t accept money, then just try to buy them some things. You can, for instance, foot their grocery bill from time to time. Or get them a new TV set in case their old one already broke down. And if you truly want to pamper them, you can even surprise them with an all-expenses-paid trip to a destination they’ve never been to. Just be observant, so you’ll know if there’s anything they need or want that you can purchase for them.

It’s Your Time to Give Back

senior parents with their children

When they turn old and grey, it’s the perfect time to repay your parents for all the unconditional love, care and support they have given you throughout your life. One way you can give back to them is by seeing to their every medical, home and financial need.