Over the past couple of years, SCUF has made a name for itself as one of the most sought-after third-party PS4 controllers on the market, and for good reason: they make a great product, probably even better than the native PS4 DualShock.

Sure, there are tons of third-party controllers out there, but in terms of polish, tech proficiency, and overall coolness, the SCUF is pretty hard to beat. There’s a reason it’s the controller choice of pro and competitive players, after all.

What makes SCUF controllers so desirable to pros? We’ll give you three:

  • Great build
  • Comprehensive customization
  • Ergonomics

Unlike other third-party controllers, SCUF makes some seriously sturdy controllers for gamers. They also made sure to make every moving part of the normal PS4 controller customizable, whether it’s for practicality or sheer aesthetic. And finally, SCUF didn’t mess with the ergonomics of the native DualShock, retaining much of its comfortable design all throughout.

In this article, we take a look at the best SCUF controllers in the market and find out which one is right for you and your gaming.

The Best SCUF Controller Out There: SCUF Infinity

SCUF Infinity

  • Highly customizable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Very responsive
  • Buttons are unmarked
  • Battery life is mediocre to sub-par


The Infinity is the most well-known SCUF controller there is: it has a great entry-level price, it introduces new owners to the idea of customizing their PS4 controllers, and it’s responsive as heck. Everything about the SCUF Infinity is customizable, from the faceplate and the grip to the button colors and the rings surrounding the joystick.

Of course, all this is true about the other SCUF controllers on this list, but SCUF Infinity sets itself apart by making the mix-and-match aspect easy. One of the things that make the SCUF Infinity desirable is its choice of L3 and R3 paddles. SCUF made their version of the back paddles a little longer and a little lighter, and while it does take some time getting used to, it functions amazingly well and, honestly, has brought up my KDA in Warzone.

Not a fan of the longer paddles? No problem: just take them off. That’s the beauty of the SCUF Infinity; you can truly make it your own, whether by replacing the buttons with different colors, change up the joysticks with domed or concave tips, or just change the color of the controller altogether. The choice is yours. For a price, of course; SCUF controllers can cost somewhere in the range of $100-$400, which is around the same price as a budget laptop for college students under $500.

Of course, it’s not perfect: the SCUF Infinity claims to have a ‘standard’ battery life of 10 hours, but that’s only if you play with the LED Lights and the vibration settings on low. If you’re a fan of good vibrations and bright LED’s on your controller, that shaves off a few hours off of your wireless experience. The buttons also don’t have markings. This shouldn’t be a problem for lifelong PlayStation players, but it can be a bit of a nuisance for Xbox and Nintendo people thinking of making the switch.

Price: $119 on the SCUF website

The Premium SCUF Controller: SCUF Impact

SCUF Impact

  • Comfortable
  • Highly customizable
  • Easier transition to DS4
  • Expensive


One of the key design aspects that differentiate the Impact from its other brethren is the 4-paddle controls in the back, with each paddle designed to replicate the face button inputs. Somehow, the SCUF Impact manages to do this without making anything feel cramped: each paddle is evenly spaced and it gives you the right amount of control thanks to the fully customizable trigger sensitivity.

Speaking of trigger sensitivity, there’s also a digital trigger version for the SCUF Impact, which allows you to have extremely responsive hair triggers for FPS gaming. But let’s say you’re not an FPS player, or you’re not a fan of the 4-pad in the back. What then?

Well, here comes the downside of the SCUF Impact: at around $400, if you’re not using it to play competitively or if you’re not using it to maximize your gaming, you’re probably just going to be wasting a whole lot of dough. SCUF is not a cheap PS4 controller for gamers on a budget. Yes, the Impact retains all of the things people like about SCUF controllers like the customization and the comfort, but at $400, you need to ask yourself: is it really worth it for your personal gameplay and game style?

Price: $399 on Amazon

Our Least Favorite SCUF Controller: SCUF Vantage

SCUF Vantage 2

  • Ergonomics is better than native DualShock
  • Audio touchpad is a great feature
  • Native analog sticks can get stuck
  • Native D-pad is too stiff


The SCUF Vantage Controller is a SCUF controller designed to give gamers more control over their button mashing. From the sticks to the buttons, the SCUF Vantage allows for sturdier button control that gives your performance just that little extra oomph.

Like the other SCUF controllers, the Vantage is fully customizable, with the modular elements working exceptionally well on it.

However, a few very glaring downsides: the native buttons and joystick, because they were built to give players more control on pressure-sensitive buttons, have led to many gamers complaining of the buttons sticking when they shouldn’t. This isn’t much of a problem if you’re playing something casual, but for competitive play, this could lead to an early defeat. It wouldn’t be too bad, but at $200, it’s an almost unacceptable flaw if it weren’t for the fact that you could just buy modular replacements. Of course, that means shelving out even more money.

Price: $200 on Amazon

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