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ICYMI: The Best Electronics of 2021 So Far

It’s hard to believe that we’re wrapping up yet another year (wasn’t it just February yesterday?), but here we are past the halfway mark of 2021. If you weren’t paying attention, a whole bunch of new electronics and other gadgets came out this year, and they’re all pretty wild. Granted, most of these are probably


The NVIDIA RTX 3080 Vs. RTX 3080 Ti: Which One is Better?

Almost a year after NVIDIA released the RTX 3080, they quickly followed up with the RTX 3090. The price gap of the two was ridiculous, but also made sense: the 3080 released at around $699, while the 3090 released at a more-than-double $1,499. This left NVIDIA with a weird, $1,300 gap that they wanted to

Red Astro Gaming A03 Earphones

Astro Gaming A03 In-ear Monitors: Worth It or Nah?

We all know that, when it comes to gaming headsets, it has to be those bulky, over-ear cupped, boom miked, neon/LED shining, monstrosities. It’s not just for aesthetics (although they do look cool): those over-ear headphones almost always offer better bass, better mic quality, and just overall clearer audio, both in the ear cups and

Razer gaming mouse

The Best Razer Mouse for All Types of Users

One of the most trusted names in gaming peripherals, Razer has made a name for itself as the gamer’s choice of hardware, and this honor extends to its pretty impressive line of mice. However, while they do lean heavily towards producing mice that are exclusively for gaming, a Razer mouse is distinct in that it

Corsair keyboard

The Best Corsair Keyboard for Gaming, Wireless Gaming, and Smart TVs

One of the most trusted brands in the PC components and gaming peripherals industry, Corsair, has distinguished itself from the competition with its premium builds, sleek designs, and a focus on creating gaming-specific devices. Because the company prioritizes gamers and gaming in general, their design language for keyboards follows a contrast between a professional, office-ready

SCUF Infinity

The Best SCUF Controllers, Ranked

Over the past couple of years, SCUF has made a name for itself as one of the most sought-after third-party PS4 controllers on the market, and for good reason: they make a great product, probably even better than the native PS4 DualShock. Sure, there are tons of third-party controllers out there, but in terms of


Best Wi-Fi Extenders for Your Home Needs

[Note: We’ve recently updated this list  for 2021] Finding the best Wi-Fi extenders for your home might seem easy, but with so many products out there, how do you find one that can effectively boost your wireless network throughout every room in your house? Well, we tested out some affordable Wi-Fi extenders and found the


Cheap PS4 Controllers and Where Gamers on a Budget Can Buy Them

[Note: We’ve recently updated this list for 2021] Being a gamer is not cheap. The console alone (or gaming laptop for PC gamers) can fetch over hundreds of dollars. And then you have the accessories: cooling pads, mouse, Wi-Fi extenders; and then controllers, wrists straps, and protective cases for other gaming platforms. It’s not recommended that you cheapen

Disc Jockey

The Top 5 Best Laptops for Music Production

The best laptop for music production generally falls under two classes: Mac or PC. If you’re going for Mac, you are limited by two choices: big or small. That’s not us being cheeky; Macbooks are, despite being amazing machines, don’t really offer much diversity in their line of laptops. Basically, you either get the big,

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

The Logitech C920: The Best Budget ‘Premium’ Webcam

Released almost a decade ago, the Logitech C920 still stands out as one of the best webcams out there, which is saying something. In an industry that sees leaps and bounds in technological advances every few months, it’s rare for a device –let alone a webcam –see such longevity. Many of the best budget laptops

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