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Best Wi-Fi Extenders for Your Home and Office Needs

Finding the best Wi-Fi extender for your home might not seem like a challenge, but with so many offerings out on the market, how do you find one that can effectively boost your wireless network throughout every room in your house? Well, we scoured the internet and tested out dozens of affordable Wi-Fi extenders, and


Cheap PS4 Controllers and Where Gamers on a Budget Can Buy Them

Regardless of which platform or console you use, being a gamer is not cheap. The console alone (or gaming laptop, for PC gamers) can fetch over hundreds of dollars. And then you have the accessories: cooling pads, mouse, Wi-Fi extenders, and more for PC gamers; and then controllers, wrists straps, and protective cases for other

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Best Laptop Cooling Pad for Gamers and Everyday Users

Most laptop models are built with their own cooling mechanism to reduce the risks and effects of overheating. However, as units are getting thinner and more lightweight, some cooling systems may not be enough depending on how frequently you use your laptop or how much processing it undergoes. A cooling pad is an essential accessory


First Time Franchisee: 3 Management Mistakes that Can Cost Your Business

When you franchise a business, you’re the boss – but not really. Unlike in managing a start-up, there’s already a system ready for implementation. The franchise disclosure document and the contract you signed set the obligations and restrictions for your job. The marketing strategies are also ready for you to use. With many of the

Marketing Your Business: Why You Need a Clear Definition of Your Brand

Depending on your company’s goals, business success can be measured by a lot of different factors. Sometimes, business success can be defined by having excellent customer retention. Other times, it can be about hitting a revenue goal that the company has been aiming for a long time. In short, business success can be defined by

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PDAs: Your Smartphone’s More Durable Sidekick

Since their inception a few decades back, smartphones have evolved from having simple call and text functions to now having a variety of applications that could do almost anything with a tap on the screen. However, in terms of organising and data collection, you would need a more dedicated, durable and lasting partner that could

These Are the Best USB-C Type Accessories Under $50 You Can Find Today

Despite the initial controversy surrounding its release, the USB-C is fast becoming the main stay of many a device, whether Android, Apple, Windows, and everything else in between. It’s not just desktops and laptops either (although the USB-C is now standard on most devices like the MacBook, the Chromebook Pixel 2, most of Dell’s XPS

Invest & Protect: Best iPhone X Cases Under $25

Since September 2018, Apple has discontinued selling the iPhone X on its official website. While you can still buy refurbished iPhone X models on the Apple Store and newer models in some online and physical store sellers who may still carry the model, Apple has since moved on to focus on its latest models like

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These Are The Best Blind Spot Mirrors for Cars Under $10

One of the most underrated car accessories ever has to be the blind spot mirror. Despite blind spots being a serious problem for all cars (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports 840,000 blind-spot related accidents every year), many car owners don’t have a blind-spot mirror installed on their vehicle. Whether this is by choice

Mechanical Keyboard

Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $50

When it comes to gaming or just straight-up typing, nothing beats a mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard has been around since the advent of personal computers and has withstood the tests of time, membrane keyboards, and even those cool-looking-but-ultimately-pretty-disappointing projection keyboards. It’s simple: mechanical keyboards just have a superior touch-feel. It helps people type faster,

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