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The 2021 HP Envy 13: An Almost-Perfect Laptop Under $1,500

As one of the main contenders in any ‘best laptops under $1,500’ list since 2019, the HP Envy 13 has had a stellar record of being reliable, fast, enjoyable, and affordable. But does the 2021 HP Envy live up to its predecessors? Yes, it does, and it does so despite attempts from Asus and Dell


Budget Laptops for Video Editing under $500

[We’ve updated this list to reflect the best laptops for video editing of 2021. For this year, the prices of laptops –even the ones we previously listed –have gone up considerably. Still, we’ve found the most budget-friendly video editing laptops under $500 for you.] Video editing can require a whole lot of processing power and


The Best Laptop for Small Business Owners? Here’s Our List

For small business owners, one of the most important aspects of keeping yourself afloat is making sure that your overheads are in check, office supplies included. In the modern world, supplying your workforce with the right tools for success can be a bit of an investment, but it’s one that pays off if it helps

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The Best Laptop for Kids for Homeschooling

Back in my day (which, honestly, wasn’t even that long ago), buying a laptop for kids wasn’t a thing: why would you get a child their own laptop for? They can just use the shared computer in the computer room (remember those?) like everyone else! But times are changin’, and even our little ones need

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The Best Laptops for College Students Under $500

The best laptops for college students need to fulfill a few criteria: it has to be functional, it has to be lightweight, and most importantly, it has to be cheap. Thankfully, modern laptops are able to tick all three boxes depending on your usage. Yes, we know you want to get one of the best


These Are The Top 10 Best Laptops for Engineering Students

If you’re an engineering student, you know the struggle of having to render out blueprints on a dusty old Macbook from 2012. Your parents may doubt and ask, ‘Do engineering students need a powerful laptop?’. The answer is yes, engineering students really do need high-end, powerful laptops just so you can utilize CAD and CAM efficiently.


The Best Gaming Laptops Under $1,500 (Plus Other Budget Options)

Let’s get one thing out of the way: if you want to play Triple-A titles on your laptop at medium-to-high settings, it’s not going to come cheap. But just because it doesn’t come cheap doesn’t mean you have to sell your kidney on the black market to afford an ROG Mothership or a Predator Triton;


A Rundown of the Best Ryzen Processors for Your Budget

For nearly a decade, AMD and Intel have been engaged in a furious gaming hardware arms race that has brought some of the best technological innovations in graphics processing that the world has ever seen. While the battle has been fought to an almost stalemate, 2021 has shown AMD commanding a steady lead thanks to

network security

The Wall: Building Protection Using Your Network Flaws

Network security is a must. The integrity and the dependability of a network all depend on how strong and impenetrable it is. And it all starts from the very first stage of building it. Here’s how your team can increase the security in your network system. Look for Vulnerabilities Ethical hacking or network penetration testing


Cybersecurity for Businesses: How to Defend Your Digital Assets

In businesses big or small, protecting valuable data is paramount. Cardholder information, payroll account statements, confidential roadmaps are just some of the sensitive data that you should defend. Hackers and data thieves get smarter after every successful theft. How do you keep your business’ online practices secure? Cover the basics of business cyber-security with these

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