A Rundown of the Best Ryzen Processors for Your Budget

For nearly a decade, AMD and Intel have been engaged in a furious gaming hardware arms race that has brought some of the best technological innovations in graphics processing that the world has ever seen. While the battle has been fought to an almost stalemate, 2021 has shown AMD commanding a steady lead thanks to

network security

The Wall: Building Protection Using Your Network Flaws

Network security is a must. The integrity and the dependability of a network all depend on how strong and impenetrable it is. And it all starts from the very first stage of building it. Here’s how your team can increase the security in your network system. Look for Vulnerabilities Ethical hacking or network penetration testing


Cybersecurity for Businesses: How to Defend Your Digital Assets

In businesses big or small, protecting valuable data is paramount. Cardholder information, payroll account statements, confidential roadmaps are just some of the sensitive data that you should defend. Hackers and data thieves get smarter after every successful theft. How do you keep your business’ online practices secure? Cover the basics of business cyber-security with these

wifi router

These are the Best Routers for Under $50 in the Market Today

In the digital age, anything below a 1MBps internet connection is glacially slow, what with our need for constant streaming of data. However, with faster internet speeds comes a higher requirement for equipment, not the least of which is a decent wireless router. However, routers don’t come cheap, especially ones that can support GBps connections.

curved monitor

Best Curved LED Monitors Under $500 for Work and Gaming

Curved screens aren’t just for TV anymore; in recent years, they’ve been applying the same curved screen technology on computer monitors as well. Not only does this give your screen an uninterrupted, cinematic feel that’ll make even the most boring word document exciting, its crystal-clear images turns any videogame into a completely immersive experience. Of

Mechanical Keyboard

Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $50

When it comes to gaming or just straight-up typing, nothing beats a mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard has been around since the advent of personal computers and has withstood the tests of time, membrane keyboards, and even those cool-looking-but-ultimately-pretty-disappointing projection keyboards. It’s simple: mechanical keyboards just have a superior touch-feel. It helps people type faster,

gray mouse

3 of the Best Ergonomic Mouse Under $30

When it comes to buying a mouse for your PC or laptop, aesthetics ought to be a secondary, even tertiary concern; ergonomic design and comfort should be your top considerations. While it might be tempting to blow all your budget on a fancy graphics card or a swanky PC case, hold back just a little

Best Wireless Keyboards

These Are the Best Wireless Keyboards Under $50 in the Market Today

Featured Image from: In the digital age, mechanical keyboards might seem like a thing of the past; however, there are still some modern, updated, and sleek keyboards out there for you to enjoy. But instead of settling for those old, bulky, and frankly outdated, plug-in keyboards, why not treat yourself to a wireless keyboard

Best Macbook Pro 13” Cases

Here Are Some of The Best Macbook Pro 13” Cases Under $100

Featured Image from: Amazon The MacBook is possibly one of the best machines ever invented, thanks to its smooth internals, a slick user interface, and pretty sturdy exterior. However, like all machines, it’s prone to human error, and no one likes the feeling of letting their brand new macbook slip out of their hands and

Best Student Laptops

Learning on a Budget: Best Student Laptops for Budgets Under $300

Technology has become a necessity in students’ education. With the internet providing more authoritative resources than text books and the original home PCs too bulky to move around, having a laptop provides high school and college students with access to the internet, writing programs, and everything else they may need to complete their studies. However,

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